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“When we became just a healing profession, we forgot about our broader mission: to improve the life of everyone” (Seligman, 1999).

The positive psychology movement sheds light on the factors of well-being and development of the potential of individuals, groups, and organizations.

In the context of work, positive psychology allows an approach by individual and collective resources based on successes in the service of the management of potential crises and difficult times.

It is part of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention approaches in addition to the existing one.

Positive psychology: what is it?

First of all, we should be careful not to confuse positive psychology with an idealistic view of the situation, or neglect the difficulties and potential sufferings.

Positive psychology is the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing and/or optimal functioning of people, groups, and institutions.

Rather than an analysis exclusively focused on deficits and dysfunctions in line with a logical approach based on the shortcomings, it is about being able to identify the resources and strengths in individuals and organizations.

As an integrative movement, positive psychology offers many angles of analysis allowing a detailed reading of the situation encouraging the search for relevant and diverse solutions.

An essential concept in positive psychology: the strength of character

Being able to identify our assets, our strengths, our resources. This exercise is sometimes more complex than identifying our weaknesses or faults.

We can name the following examples as strengths of character: self-efficacy, hope, resilience, optimism, authenticity, self-discipline, kindness, courage, curiosity, self-control, openness, recognition, responsibility, teamwork, and vitality.

Being aware (individually and/or collectively) of its own strengths can strengthen self-confidence, group cohesion, or even boost and enhance the feeling of well-being.

Another model: positive psychological capital

The key concept of positive psychology, psychological capital, was introduced by Luthans (American organizational psychologist) in 2007. It brings together four personal resources having a synergistic action and a generally favorable consequence, in particular on stress management.

The four resources are the following ones:

  • Self-efficacy:it echoes our self-confidence, our perception of our resources to face and overcome a situation.
  • Hope:refers to the convergence of someone’s energy towards an identified goal and the different ways of achieving it.
  • Resilienceis present when we face a situation that is beyond us, unforeseen or risky, it is characterized by the establishment of positive behavior in response.
  • Optimism: it is a state of mind, an attitude that tends to appreciate the future more positively.

Among the benefits of the synergy of these resources, we can name the following examples: better psychological health, more involvement in activities but also a positive trend to help colleagues at work beyond what could be expected by the position of the worker.

It is therefore interesting to become aware of your own psychological capital or the one of your professional entourage in order to develop and strengthen it.

Our consultants are at your service

What service does Ekilibre offer in terms of positive psychology?

Our objective is to provide the best support for each company in achieving its goals, from the implementation of a global approach to more specific reinforcement actions.

Each of our supports is guided by a rigorous methodological framework and regularly updated scientific knowledge. We are also in line with the recommendations of national and international reference organizations.

As an example, the main services we can offer you are listed below.

  • Exchanging good practices related to positive psychology
  • Presenting experience feedback
  • Supporting communication to promote good positive psychology practices
  • Identifying good practices during collective intelligence workshops
  • Supporting the implementation of actions rooted in a positive psychology approach
  • Identifying resources involved in successful projects
  • Diagnosis (individual and/or collective) of its psychological capital and related avenues for action
  • Awareness and tailor-made training:
    • on positive psychology for company stakeholders
    • on detecting and supporting the strengths of character
    • on other specifications related to the topic
  • Specific managerial coaching on the topic (psychological capital, strengths of character, etc.)

Each situation deserves to be understood in its singularity. Therefore, we invite you to contact us so that we can better understand your needs and co-develop with you the most suitable project.

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