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The boundaries that once existed between personal and professional life are now increasingly blurred. With the increasing demands to adapt to changes and the needs of competitiveness, the development of remote work and teleworking, work is becoming an increasingly important part of life.

In this context, life also deserves to become a more important part of the work. It is therefore now expected that life at work can be a real source of experiences that will go beyond the missions of the employees: enriching meetings, relaxing moments, discovery and sources of fulfillment, etc.

It is in this sense that taking an interest in the employee experience offers interesting perspectives to strengthen the attractiveness, well-being, and commitment of employees to their company.

The employee experience: what is it exactly?

“Are you proud to work for your company? », the recent emergence of this question in company indicators is directly linked to the renewed interest of human resources departments in promoting the employee experience.

The employee experience is the combination of all the employee’s experiences during his interactions with the company and the employees. Like the customer experience, it is about considering employees with the same attention given to the feelings, needs, and wishes of a customer.

When it is positive, the employee experience allows for instance:

  • To encourage the promotion of an employer brand and the influence of the company
  • Support the meaning perceived by employees in their work through values and a business plan
  • To strengthen commitment through emotional bonds
  • To promote human links
  • To make work a life experience of its own, lived with pleasure

How important is the employee experience today?

In 2017, only 10% of employees said they were committed to working in France (Gallup, State of the Global Workplace, 2017). At the same time, recruitment trends show that talent acquisition and retention are becoming increasingly critical topics. The modern employee chooses his/her future company as much as the company chooses him/her.

In this context, it becomes essential to be able to simplify and streamline the entire “user journey” of employees in the company (from the recruitment phase, at the start, by going through at least integration, everyday life, relationships, management, and career development).

Our consultants are at your service

What service does Ekilibre offer in terms of employee experience?

Our objective is to provide the best support for each company in achieving its goals, from the implementation of a global approach to more specific reinforcement actions.

Each of our supports is guided by a rigorous methodological framework and regularly updated scientific knowledge. We are also in line with the recommendations of national and international reference organizations.

As an example, the main services we can offer you are listed below.

  • Supporting the creation of a culture based on corporate values and an associated charter
  • Implementing a global and integrative approach to the employee experience
  • Supporting the creation of onboarding processes
  • Preparing and leading business seminars
  • Audit and/or indicator of the employee experience
  • Assessment of the recruitment process
  • Action plan for the employee’s commitment
  • Awareness and tailor-made training for company stakeholders:
  • On the theoretical and practical bases of the employee experience
  • Management training “employee first”
  • Coaching training for managers in conflict prevention and resolution
  • Other specifications related to the topic
  • Professional mediation
  • Provision of a counseling unit for employees on request
  • Multimedia and multichannel platform for listening and psychological support (toll-free number, chat, video)

Each situation deserves to be understood in its singularity. Therefore, we invite you to contact us so that we can better understand your needs and co-develop with you the most suitable project.

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